Reckless Serenade’s “Two Years Too Late” Earns Coveted Spot on mtvU’s The Freshman

In their latest effort, the energetic pop-punk band, Reckless Serenade, delivers a music video that perfectly suits its musicality. The group’s heavy drums, crashing cymbals and lovesick lyrics will take you right back to those aching high school days of unrequited love.

However, when the young gentlemen sing about lost opportunities, it’s anything but depressing. (It isn’t surprising that our local indie label, Fervor Records, picked them up.) The entire music video includes moments of the band jamming out together, then cheerfully making mischief in their home state of New York.

The piece earned a place on mtvU’s The Freshmen, and the band is currently competing with a handful of others to win in this week’s competition. If you need a little nostalgia, check this video out.

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